„The World of Politics”

„The World of Politics” is a board game created within the “Citizen participation in Poland: determinants, consequences and methods of increasing social activism” project, carried out in the Political Cognition Lab. All the materials needed to play the game will be ready for download below in due time. The objective of the game is to strengthen the sense of political efficacy among young Poles.

During the game, players will have the opportunity to familiarise themselves with the mechanisms behind the functioning of the Polish political system. They will take on the role of a representative of a given social group – drawn at random from a choice of various ones – in order to take part in different forms of activities, such as elections, forming a political party, grass-roots initiatives or protests. Depending on their strategy, players will receive a certain number of points, guaranteeing them victory at the end of the game. Although the mechanics of the game will involve a mixture of cooperation and competition, each player will also receive special, individual tasks necessary to win, hence enabling representatives from different fractions to enter into alliances. “The World of Politics” is to show young Poles both the possibilities, as well as the benefits, that active participation in civic life may bring. 


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