Political Cognition Lab

Political Cognition Lab is an interdisciplinary team composed of social psychologists and sociologists, which came into being from the need to scrutinise the question of political behaviour. Our goal is to explain the interdependencies between specific types of actions undertaken in the public sphere and different factors conditioning them, such as values and beliefs, personality traits, cognitive styles, demographic variables and many more.

What are the motivations and the barriers standing on the way to citizen participation? What is the origin of intergroup friendship as opposed to hostility? Who and why believes in conspiracy theories and trusts fake news? We aim to answer these, as well as many other questions by conducting various research projects.

The projects carried out within the framework of the Political Cognition Lab include both basic, as well as applied research, conducted as part of grants awarded by reputable national and international institutions. Our team consists of academics specialising in both quantitative, as well as qualitative research. We obtain insights by analysing data collected from representative samples reflecting the characteristics of our target groups and we use a wide variety of statistical tools (i.e. regression analysis, structural equation modeling, segmentation analysis). We also carry out experimental research – applying not only declarative, but also behavioural methods of data measurement. We seek insight into the research questions also by conducting in-depth individual interviews (IDIs) and focus groups (FGIs). The aim is to test varied research models and suggest innovative interventions, meeting the challenges of the contemporary world of politics.

PCL associates

Dr Aleksandra Cichocka - Political Psychology Lab, University of Kent

Dr hab. Aleksandra Cisłak-Wójcik, prof. ucz. - Uniwersytet SWPS

Prof. Karen Douglas - University of Kent

Dr hab. Łukasz Gawęda, prof. ucz. - Pracownia Psychopatologii Eksperymentalnej, IP PAN

Dr Paulina Górska - Centrum Badań nad Uprzedzeniami, Wydział Psychologii UW

Ricky Green - University of Kent

Dr Joachim Kowalski - Pracownia Psychopatologii Eksperymentalnej, IP PAN

Dr hab. Dominika Maison, prof. ucz. - Wydział Psychologii UW

Dr Adrian Wójcik - Uniwersytet Mikołaja Kopernika w Toruniu

Dr Paweł Łowicki - Intelligence Emotion Cognition Lab, Wydział Psychologii UW

Aleksandra Furman, Institute of Psychology, Polish Academy of Sciences

Piotr Michalski, Institute of Psychology, Polish Academy of Sciences


Institute of Psychology,
Polish Academy of Sciences
Jaracza 1
00-378 Warsaw, Poland

Marta Marchlewska PhD
mail: mmarchlewska(at)psych.pan.pl