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Who are communal narcissists?

New article in the Journal of Research in Personality.

Can narcissism be helpful? Recent research results seem to suggest that it can, or at least that is what the so-called "narcissistic helpers" claim.
In an article recently published in the Journal of Research in Personality (IF=3.886), Political Cognition Lab scholars dr Marta Rogoza (Institute of Psychology, Polish Academy of Sciences), dr Marta Marchlewska (Institute of Psychology, Polish Academy of Sciences), and dr Radosław Rogoza (Institute of Psychology, Cardinal Stefan Wyszynski University) demonstrate that a declarative form of communality among narcissists is yet another way of maintaining a grandiose image of themselves
The entire paper can be found by clicking the link below 🙂

Towards integration of communal narcissism within the structure of the narcissistic personality traits


There are three facets of narcissism: agentic, antagonistic, and neurotic. However, not all narcissistic constructs fit into this structural organization. Across two self-report studies (N = 1154) and one social network study (N = 246; N = 5986 total observations), we analyse if communal narcissism could be meaningfully integrated with this three-factor conceptualization of narcissism. We provide evidence that communal narcissism is negatively related to agreeableness when controlling for communion. Also, such residualised communal narcissism negatively predicts objective prosociality as well as being liked less (when controlled for liking others). Relations of the residualised communal narcissism to the facets of narcissism allows to fit this construct within the spectrum of narcissistic personality.