„Dialog: Act, Play, Change the Game”

The "Dialog" board game requires players to cooperate, help each other, and perfect their individual skills!

As inhabitants of Poland, you can undertake many actions that influence the world around you. You can act locally, in your immediate environment, as well as engage in national politics. You can act in many ways - develop interesting initiatives or get involved in exciting projects initiated by your fellow citizens. There are many possibilities and it is YOU who can decide what to engage in!

Get into the shoes of one of the 24 different characters the game has to offer and make the country better by getting engaged in civic activities. Gather your own fellowship of the ring and set off on an unforgettable journey!

Remember that the fate of the people lies in your hands! Without your involvement, the well-being will fall and then all the misfortunes will fall on you and an eternal winter will come.


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dr Marta Marchlewska
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