Dagmara Szczepańska

Institute of Psychology, Polish Academy of Sciences; Maria Grzegorzewska University

Sociologist and Latin Americanist, lecturer at the Maria Grzegorzewska University, graduate of the University of Warsaw (Latin American Studies) and the University of Oxford (Modern Languages French and Spanish). Currently working on a PhD thesis in Sociology, focusing on the impact of the #NiUnaMenos (Not One Less) movement on the strategies of women’s organizations in Argentina.

Research interests include different forms of political behaviour, such as women’s movements, citizen participation and collective action. In her projects she applies social network analysis methods, as well as in-depth interviews, concentrating mainly on the process of incorporation into a movement and the impact of network embeddedness on mobilisation.



Instytut Psychologii PAN
ul. Jaracza 1
00-378 Warszawa

dr Marta Marchlewska
e-mail: mmarchlewska(at)psych.pan.pl